Community First

Creating Access

What started as an initiative to bring a community darkroom to the heart of Phoenix grew into something so much more! Bringing back access to a public use darkroom was our first priority. Having a space to continue these traditional processes is crucial to preserving the practice of these classical arts.


The Search

Looking for a place to call home for Phoenix Film Revival had it’s own challenges. Finding a place to start small but grow was difficult but with your help we made it happen!


From the community…

Phoenix Film Revival has, pun intended, revived my love of film photography. Being able to have a local spot to print, develop, and experiment is great! It’s too much hassle setting up in a bathroom and doing it alone can be difficult. Daniel has really created a wonderful space in the heart of Phoenix’s art community and I look forward to every time I can make it down. To top it off, PFR is the only local place to get slide film processed! Amazing!
— David V.
I signed up for PFR thinking I was just going to get a crash course in making a darkroom print. However, this was not the case. Thanks to Dan’s guidance I received more of an insight on how to be a better photographer through the analog printing process than I could have imagined.
— Jeremy H.
This is seriously my favorite place! For years, I’ve wanted a place I can go do darkroom developing and printing without having to commit to the time of a school course. Dan is incredibly nice and so passionate about film. The space is perfectly intimate and relaxing and truly an amazing place for people who love film to come together in the Phoenix area. I tell everyone about it because it is an absolute diamond in the rough and SO important in keeping film alive.
— Kelsey C.


Take the Tour

What does a darkroom look like? Take a peek at our space and see what we are all about. Want to take a tour in person? Just shoot us a message.


Community First! Your needs come first with Phoenix Film Revival. Our development, growth, and sustainability are all dependent on our community interaction. From workshops, darkroom access, and info about photography, we strive to provide the best service for you!

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In The Lab



Tuesdays & Thursdays

6pm - 10pm




Darkroom Printing 101

Ahhh, the glorious silver gelatin print! “Wait, what is that?” This workshops outlines all you need to know on getting started making traditional photographic prints. Get your hands dirty, figuratively speaking, and make your own contact sheet as well as your first darkroom print!



Color Film Processing 101

“It’s not that difficult.” says Daniel, director of Phoenix Film Revival. Really though, it isn't, you just need a little push and we are here to provide all the knowledge in getting you started. Develop a roll of color film and get your images scanned at the lab. You may actually get your hands a little dirty with this one.


B&W Film Processing 101

Okay, so black and white film is a little more complex than you might think. From the variety of developers to different developing times, black and white film processing is like the menu that never ends. You get to process your own roll and get those fine silver grains scanned in for your viewing pleasure.


Slide Film Processing 101

Don’t get us started on slide film! Some would say this is the pinnacle of film stocks. If you haven’t seen a slide before, go out and buy a roll, shoot it and then take this workshop. Words cannot define the rewarding feeling as you pull the roll out of the tank and see your images for the first time. Just make sure you bring a meter when you shoot!

Coming Soon

Shooting with Film

New to film? No problem! This is the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of “I’m broke because I spent all my money on film.” workshop. We will go on a photo walk, shoot a roll of film and get you hooked on the joys of film. We’ll share some tips on saving money too.

Coming Soon


Creating Cyanotypes

It’s pronounced Sigh-Ann, not Cayenne. And while pepper is not used in this process there is however, iron. Iron also happens to be one of the most common construction materials, which leads us to, blueprints. Yep, blueprints originated as cyanotypes. Learn the history of cyanotypes and create your own!

Coming Soon


The Pinhole Camera

One, cut a hole in the box. Two, put your film in that box. Three, take a picture. Four, process in the darkroom. Pinhole cameras are the most rudimentary cameras and they don't even have a lens! We will create a pinhole camera, talk about the history of photography and of course take a few pictures and process them in the lab.

Coming Soon


Shooting Large Format

Oh, we are breaking out the big boys?! Awesome! Large format is a bit of a step up from 35mm and the whole game changes with film that is 4” x 5”. Learn about the classic view camera, all their bells and whistles, then make a few of your own images on this primo format.

Coming Soon



Meet The Team


Daniel Iannaccone


Doer of the things and stuff! Constantly preoccupied thinking about film, don't ask him a question if you are looking for a short answer. He’s that guy behind the curtain pulling all the strings and putting everything in motion. Obsession is an understatement when talking about his interests in photography. He’s got an answer for everything, well except the meaning of life. He would probably say, “Film is life.”

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Angelica Petryshyn

Instructor of Alternative Processes

A solitude in yellow, Angelica knows her stuff. Not only is she a fantastic photographer, she has quite the knowledge about alternative processes. Don’t believe it? Go check out her portfolio. Artful and well thought out, time and passion goes into her creations and it shows. You can trust her to lead you on your path to learning more about all that good stuff alternative process photography has to offer.




Xana Marie


Xana knows how to put on a good show. Whether it be dressing up for Halloween or putting the finishing touches on her printed work, she knows the importance of presentation. We invited her to curate our shows at the studio and couldn’t be luckier when she said yes. There’s a ton of work that goes into exhibitions and with Xana’s passion and experience we are confident the community will have a perfect platform to share their work.




Ben Thrasher

Lab Aide/assistant

This is Ben. We haven’t finished his bio yet, but from what we know, he likes race cars and taking picture of them. With years of experience in the darkroom he will be available to help assist you with your silver gelatin prints as well as share his knowledge on film. When Ben gets knocked down, he gets back up and sometimes he just lays there for a bit staring at the sky. He helps move the heavy stuff in the lab too, ‘cause Dan is weak.




Jeny Davis


One part nature, one part nurture. What makes Jeny whole is her commitment to conservation and sustainability. Helping keep us true to our roots, Jeny has been there to provide direction in building a forward thinking lab. Earth conscious defines her work, incorporating plants along the way. Find your fascination with fauna by taking one of her plant centric cyanotype workshops. The perfect union of photography and photosynthesis.

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